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Salvation of Souls

Fundamentals of Christianity

Complete Faith in the Lord Jesus

Atmosphere of Miracles

Manifestations of Holy Spirit

Heavenly Mindedness

Creating presence of God through Worship

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The Encounter...

creating an atmosphere to profit

through the manifestation of the Spirit of God

We thank God for the opportunity to reach you with the gospel through official website of 'The Encounter International'. The Lord commissioned us to support the church and fulfil work of ministry by "creating an atmosphere to profit through the manifestations of the Spirit of God".

As you browse this website, we believe that God will inspire your life and ministry through the information and materials posted. As you open your spirit to God, you will richly be blessed in Jesus name.

Remember that God has gifted you and those gifts are waiting for powerful manifestation unto great profiting and testimonies. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ abides with you and all yours always.

We love you in Christ,
Tunde & Bose Aina

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